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Presentation design agency that your sales team needs

Pitch decks are important. How important ? Your sales team can better answer that. We build sales and investor presentations that helps your sales and investment teams close deals faster.

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Co- Founder, Sociohub

We started working with Potluck for our website and what we got was just brilliant. At the end of that project, we got the Potluck team to take care of the UI/UX of our web and mobile apps in addition to all the social media work we had. What was the best part was the decks they created for our sales teams and pitch decks for us that we actively used for our fund raising efforts.


Customised decks for each customer persona

We understand Customer’s persona and their preferences change depending on the market and solution you want to sell. Every deck we create is built understanding what the persona is and what they want from you.

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Presentations that are easy to understand

A customer needs to understand what you want to convey. We simplify and build your decks in a way that it becomes easier and faster for your customers to understand your solution.

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recent Case study.




An inventory and supply management tool for manufacturers. Brandsom team wanted us to design their product, mobile app, sales and investor decks. Which their team then directly used to build the product and pitch to customers & investors.

Product design - UI/UX

Website design

Product presentation

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An augmented reality startup. The product and the website were complex, it had to convey the AR product they were building without affecting load rates while making sure that the website stood out. We designed their apps and website.

Website and Product design - UX and UI

Sales and Marketing collaterals

Social media

Let your sales teams sell.


Get your own design team with 100% more efficiency and at 50% lower costs

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