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We designed our own website

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Co- Founder, Seiner

We were extremely specific about what we wanted on our website and the entire process, right from taking in our requirements, researching users to the final design of the website just made sense to us. The design was clean and it matched what we wanted almost perfectly.


The website you are looking at was researched, designed and developed by the same team that would work for you.

Our design process.


Customer and Market Identification

Every target market and target customers are different; this means the way they interact with your website would differ based on their understanding and behavior. Our team first understands your target personas, target market, and who your competitors are; before we even start building


User and design research

Understand customer person and target market gives us the base we need to further our user research -design wise. Understanding what works and has worked for the target customer helps us simplify user journey which can make or break your lead generation numbers.


Building low fidelity wireframes and UI

This is where the brush touches the canvas, we build layouts, put it in wireframes to show you what you could expect and based on your input we design the user interface.


User Journey mapping and Content

Based on your inputs and our research we suggest and create a User journey that your website visitors might take to convert to leads and registrations. Based on all this we write sample convert or you can share your own with us(we are flexible like that 😆)


Design mobile and desktop views and develop

Finally, we design and optimize your mobile and desktop views once done this goes to our development team which builds the website, tests it and deliver the same to you.

recent Case study.




A task assignment and management tool for construction companies. which included resources allotment, time tracking, project management and materials management among other things. We designed their product and the associated website.

Website design

Product design - UI/UX

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One of the more complex websites we designed which included 100+ website pages on top of product UX and UI. Eduto is a marketplace for colleges and universities where students and parents can search for, review and contact these institutions.

Website design

Product design - UI/UX

Let’s build you an awesome website.

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